1 Second. Lessons Learned From Nearly Killing A Bicyclist

The small moments…


Each small moment, seconds or micro-flashes of time eventually ad up to our current experience and somewhat determine our expectation/s of life.   Similar to how each block is added to build a foundation and structure of a building.

Our lives can be a mixing pot of stew…A combination of small choices and small moments all thrown into a vat, set to simmer and, often times, hoping that the best flavor will fill out taste buds and senses upon the dinner table.

The trick with life is (so far that I’ve discovered…)

To carefully pick and choose what ingredients you’d like in your stew.  Otherwise, based on societal norms and sociological paradigms of belief…it’s ridiculously easy to get all the same ingredients and the same results.  = a boring ass stew.

(Oh…And you’re going to get it wrong…You’re going to make bad stew a few times in your life, otherwise you’re probably not making enough stew….And getting things wrong is OKAY)

So, What the heck does stew and time have to do with my experience in nearly running over a bicyclist? Everything.

I was basically in a state of awe and shock for the following 24 hours…I mean literally, had I been 1 second sooner, or been traveling 1mph faster since I had left…The guy would have been thrashed, cracked, shaved, and ripped underneath 2 tires rolling under an 8000lb truck traveling at approximately 40 mph (A guestemate of the speed by the time I would have slowed to after hitting the breaks)…hell even cows often die after accidents like that…

– I’ll sum up the story of how this all happened…

I took an hour on a really beautiful afternoon and decided to unplug by going for a short hike on the Peninsula.  I noticed road bikers on my way up and coming around the bendy curves of Center road on my return trip I noticed more…

One small group of 3 were riding right on the white line of the edge of the highway, far riskier than I ever would if I were on a bike.  I passed them, with a heightened sense of awareness for bikers.  A few seconds later I noticed a group of 25-30 all riding on the south bound (same direction as I was going) 3-4 foot edge of the road – I noticed one lady looked behind her and decided to cross the entire highway.

I remember at that point taking my foot off the accelerator and thinking…”Wow…That lady really has some balls to cross that close in front of me”  Regardless of her choice she did have enough time and space to make it happen.

As I quickly gained on the majority and rest of the group of bicyclists I noticed one of them decided to make the same cross as the lady…***this whole explaination happened in less than 3 seconds I’m sure, from the lady…to finally stopping in the ditch***

Oh Shit. This Guy Is Gonna Die.

That was the main thought going through my conscious mind….Meanwhile, my subconscious mind and body acted effortlessly like a professional stunt driver by breaking and swerving across the oncoming lane avoiding the cyclist by an inch and guiding the truck into a grassy ditch.

Looking back on it…

I find it absolutely magic that I didn’t even put a scratch or nick on the guy…He was pretty cool too; first he apologized by being a poor example of a cyclist because he didn’t look before crossing the road, and then complimented me on my driving skills.

I think we were both a little shaken up that he was alive and completely scratch free. 

Since this happened I have been feeling a deeper sense of peace and acceptance for everything that is, as its exactly the way it should be.

I was supposed to be the driver who could avoid hitting him… 

He was supposed to be the guy who needed the wake up call to be more attentive…

And, that within every second, every moment we have a choice.

– A choice to continue.

– A choice to leave.

– A choice to stop.

– A choice to Change our mind.

– A choice to begin again.

– A choice to start over.

– A choice to decide how we will live, love, and experience our day, moment by moment.

I’ve said this before in public speaking engagements, to friends, family and coaching students:

Life happens for you, rather than to you.

We’re more than a helpless victim of our current circumstances.

We are able to discern, chose, think outside the box and walk in a new direction…

And it only takes a second to do so.


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Is Bikram Yoga Good Or Bad For You; Will You Die?

actionhub-bikram-yoga-good-bad-sweaty-2014-12-05_17-19-42-400x299 Yoga is exploding in popularity, it’s no surprise that there are debates around This Yoga VS That Yoga.

Bottom line, with ANYTHING you do in life there is some RISK of injury or death.  Take for example your commute in your car today.  The risk of injury or death (probably) was substantially higher than any risk of injury or death from taking a Bikram, Hot, or any other variation of yoga class.

My perspective is that the student and teacher need to be well aware and prepared as possible. As a yoga instructor it’s important to have a conversation with your new student.  Maybe the class you’re about to teach isn’t a good fit for them, maybe they haven’t had enough water, or eaten enough…All good information to know that can easily be discovered within a minute of speaking to the new student.

I will also say, in my opinion of course, Bikram/Hot is NOT the best practice for everyone in the world. (Sorry – wait…Not sorry Bikram friends)  I love practicing Bikram, but have never had the inclination to teach it. I especially love bikram/hot this time of year because it is so Effing freezing here in Michigan. I also love Yin, Vinyasa, and ashtanga.

If you take into consideration the individual Dosha characteristics, it’s very clear that some people are not built for the heat – heat, that when both parties, (teacher and student) are ignorant, for lack of a better term; can become dangerous to the health of the student. Yoga is becoming HUGE, which I love.

It’s our commitment as teachers, friends, colleagues, parents, siblings – in any form of relationship to help educate and inspire new yogi’s and long time practitioners to practice safely. Practice what brings them joy, while also encouraging them to explore new places of movement in their body.

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7 Ways To Sell & Share More Yoga, Part 1.

After scouring the internet in search of relevant content teaching Yoga Teachers how to, in essence, make more money…I couldn’t find a darn thing to my surprise.man-meditating-need-money-for-yoga-800px

Opportunity. Make the content myself.  With my background and skill set in internet/digital marketing – and now aligning it with one of my favorite passions in life; Yoga…Some exciting things are in the works.

Here is part 1 of a 7 Part series I have created teaching yoga instructors how to sell more yoga and make more money.

Tell me what you like best about the video, and If you have a particular question regarding growing your income using the tools of the internet, I’ll answer them to the best of my time!

Leave your comments on the actual YouTube Video link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTGYEXT0K34